Retreading your tyres is a great way to reduce your tyre costs by extending the life of your tyres. It also reduces your environmental impact.

Advantage Tyres recommend MICHELIN Retreads and Casings. MICHELIN casings are designed to be regrooved and retreaded several times. Through our professional management adapted to suit your activity, MICHELIN casings can help to maximise your profitability without compromising on safety and still reducing the impact on the environment.

Your local Advantage Tyres dealer can answer all your questions and discuss the potential benefits you’ll gain from incorporating retreading to your tyre programme. Read through our quick overview below

  • A MICHELIN retread on a MICHELIN casing can deliver up to 90% of new tyre performance at a fraction of the cost.
  • MICHELIN Retreading provides technical expertise to re-manufacture your casing to complement a Multi-Life strategy.
  • Retreads utilise 50% less raw materials when compared to producing new tyres.
  • A variety of MICHELIN tread designs adds flexibility to your tyre management programme. After retreading, a tyre can be refitted to an axle other than the original.
  • Advantage Tyres send your MICHELIN casing for retreading at the MICHELIN accredited retreading factory in Hamilton.